Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ain't it Great to be Back?

Ok, maybe not so much.
It's great to be back at work, doing what I love to do. It just sucks right now to be doing it at CBC, the place that clearly couldn't care less about what I do.

It's funny watching the DOR here in BC, now that the lockout is over. On the line, she was straightforward about supporting the need for more contract workers. Don't think she supported the lockout, but the cause? She was all over it. Now she's everyone's best friend. "Hi there, how's it going, what are you working on?" More than one employee has experienced it. Perhaps I am being too cynical. But for someone who rarely ventured out of 'carpet land' before the lockout, she sure is all over the place now.

Oh, and you know what the big fight was about when we got back? Bottled water. Apparently some people here pay for water, while other shops across the country pick up the tab. But a smart little cookie stood up at the first all staff (I missed it...wish everyone had skipped it) in response to the question: what can we do to help ease you back? Apparently, bottled water is the answer.

Maybe I should have gone to that meeting. Does anyone else get free beer on Fridays? Now that would have helped to ease me back in...