Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cross country tours and other meaningless endeavours

After weeks away from the whole blog thing...I've come back. But who knows for how long. What started as a great way to vent turned into a black hole of meaningless BS. From myself and many others.


I'm so glad the CMG is contributing thousands of dollars for Ms. Rogers' cross country vacation. It's nothing personal...if anyone else was trotting about Canada with my union dues, I'd have the same problem. When I first heard about it I laughed. It had to be a joke. Unfortunately, not.
But hey, I guess any outreach is good outreach, right?
Seems to be working so far...five weeks and counting.

And another thing...

What's the protocol for manager's visting the line? In Vancouver there are a few who come down to commiserate (when they're on their three day break from all that hard work back east). My gut reaction is: fuck off. But then I think, hey, maybe they're not so bad. They can't like this anymore than we do. So I start feeling sympathetic and talk. However, I soon realize my sympathy is misplaced. For the most part, my direct manager seems to believe the fight is worth it. The trips to the line are simply PR visits, making sure they still have friends when this all gets resolved. Not likely. So that brings me back to my original reaction: fuck off.

And finally...
I hope our union has a plan. I've heard rumours that our own negotiators are at odds over several issues...and the split comes down to the old CMG vs the old CEP. Say it ain't so, Joe.