Saturday, August 20, 2005

Will the Real Managers Please Stand Up?

Since the lockout began, I've been thinking quite a bit about management. Specifically, the managers themselves. I wonder what they think of the position taken by upper management, about the drive to make CBC more 'flexible'.
The managers I deal with are professional, competent, and committed to public broadcasting. So do THEY think we need more flexibility?
I guess I just wonder what is happening behind the scenes. Are there managers out there who are calling head office and letting them know this path is a destructive one? Or are they on board?
If a group of professional, dedicated managers (and I'm talking about people much closer to the guts of broadcasting than Stursberg, Chalmers et al) let upper management know this is folly...would it help? Probably not. But I think it's reasonable to ask everyone to stand up and be counted.
I know, it's dangerous...who wants to stick their neck out when it could easily be chopped off?
But as someone who can't work...and isn't getting paid...I'd like to hear someone say that CBC does things pretty damn good right now, and there is no need to blow things up in search of 'flexibility'.


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