Thursday, August 18, 2005

The first few days on the line were predictable.
Old timers telling everyone to settle in for the long haul.
Newbies playing games like they were at a picnic.
Ideas were everywhere.
My favourite: starting up an alternate broadcast from the picket line. Apparently some people in Toronto are doing the same thing, except on the web. The idea is to show the listeners and viewers what they're missing. Excuse me...but the the only pressure that means anything is from listeners and viewers who miss our programming. Providing them with that programming EVEN THOUGH WE ARE LOCKED OUT seems a bit outta wack to me. Why not just walk back into the building and do it right? Oh yeah...

Then the rumours started. Although this tidbit is pretty bang on: managers are collecting $52 an hour in OT pay....PLUS a bonus for working so hard. Hmmm...bonuses for shutting down the business you're supposed to be 'managing'? Now don't get me wrong. The vast majority of managers at the CBC are in a very difficult position. Many do not want to do our work while we stand outside. But they have no choice.

However...someone is responsible for this. Three people, actually. President Robert Rabinovitch and Vice Presidents Richard Stursberg and Jane Chalmers. This is their vision for the future of CBC. Of course, by the time we find out if there vision if flawed...they'll be gone. Must be nice.


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