Thursday, August 18, 2005

CBC 'Unplugged'

It seems a bright plan to do our jobs (without getting paid) is getting a lot of support on the picket line. Here's the latest missive on a picket line broadcast:

"Lockout Podcast: `CBC-Unplugged'In the days leading up to the lock-out a few of us started talking about a sort of `pirate broadcast`. Now we are gearing up to put that idea into action. Toronto producer ......... told me plans are underway at stations across the country to do this sort of thing. Toronto guild members are building their own studio. Our colleagues hope to launch their alternative website on Monday. We're hoping to coordinate efforts across the country-aiming for a one hour national cast each day."

This plan has apparently been o-kayed by the union brass. So I guess that makes it ok...NOT. Perhaps I'm the only one who thinks this undermines what we're trying to do.


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